Economic Benefits

Local & State Impacts

Wind energy projects can have many positive effects on the local communities where they are located.


In 2016 the University of Wyoming conducted a study, An Assessment of Wyoming's Competitiveness to attract new Wind Development, and the potential impacts, and analyzed the economic impact of the 5 currently proposed wind projects in Wyoming over the 20-year lifespan of wind projects.


Some economic factors that impact local communities include:

  • New jobs, both construction and permanent 

  • Increased economic activity at local businesses

  • Additional tax revenue from sales tax, property tax, wind production tax, and state license fees




Wind Production Tax to Local Governments*


Permanent Jobs for Proposed Projects**


Lifespan of Wind Turbine


Wind Production Taxes 2016

*The remaining 40% of the Wind Production Tax goes to the State General Fund

**Permanent Jobs from Proposed Projects refers to Power Company of Wyoming's Chokecherry and Sierra Madre projects and Rocky Mountain Power's Energy Vision 2020 project

National Impacts

Wind technician is one of the fastest growing jobs in the country and there is increased economic activity with manufacturing facilities and investments by the public and private sectors into wind energy development. 


To learn more about the national impacts of wind energy, visit the American Wind Energy Association website




Wind Industry Jobs


Manufacturing Facilities Producing Parts for Wind Industry in United States


Investment in new wind projects over the last 10 years


Annual Landowner Lease Payments