Project Development

Below is an overview of permit requirements for developing wind energy projects in Wyoming. This is not meant to be a mandatory or exhaustive list, as permit requirements can vary widely depending on the site.


County Permits

Conditional Use Permit


The University of Wyoming has additional information the specific county regulations as well as Wyoming statutes that relate to wind development available on their Wyoming Renewables website



State Permits

Wyoming Industrial Siting Council

Wind Energy Lease - Office of State Lands and Investments 



Federal Permits

For wind development on federal land, the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process will need to be followed. Additional information on the NEPA process can be found in A Citizen's Guide to NEPA



Bureau of Land Management

Right of Way Applications

Environmental Assessments 

Environmental Impact Statement 


U.S. Fish & Wildlife

Eagle Take Permit 


U.S. Forest Service
Special Use Permit



Private Land Owner Agreements

The University of Wyoming created the guide, Commercial Wind Energy Development in Wyoming: A Guide for Landowners, to help assist private landowners in navigating all the factors that are addressed as part of wind development. 


In 2011, the Wyoming State Legislature passed the Wind Energy Rights Act which provides additional information for landowners. 



Natural Resources and Energy Explorer Tool

NREX is a web-based GIS software was created as part of Governor's Mead Energy Strategy with the goal to help users understand the energy, environmental, cultural, socioeconomic and infrastructural assets of a location when they are in the pre-planning stages of development. 



Decommissioning & Reclamation 

BLM and the Wyoming Industrial Siting Council require costs to be bonded prior to construction. For the Wyoming Industrial Siting Council, projects are required to review costs every five years and determine if costs have increased. If so, reclamation bonds are required to be increased. 

More information can be found on the Agency websites: 

BLM Wyoming

Wyoming Industrial Siting Council